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Repeat again and again

This recall, what we should do, what we should forget, and what we must not do is the main problem. The key to remember is repetition, and the more you repeat, eventually will pass to the subconscious and will automatically stay there.

Pressure Mechanisms

A second force that moves the human being is being under pressure. This force comes from outside. Normally the circumstances and people force us to do things against our will, so the pressure is effective.
book 30 keys to overcome any vice or addiction

Compensation and punishment

The negative consequences come the abuse of this vices, and these abuses can only be seen with time. If the vicious act does not bring negative consequences at that time, then you should generate consequences that act in an immediate way.

Send messages to the subconscious

As many know, the language of the subconscious is full of images, the symbols. The fact is if you want to impress your mind more effectively, you should use symbols to do so.
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The Author

Harold Paramo is an entrepreneur and founder of neuromarketingytecnologia.com, an enterprise dedicated to publicity and marketing. For over 5 years he writes in his blog descubresubconsciente.com which is dedicated to topics related to personality, will power and cousciousness.


Chapter 1: Identify the action before the vice

Most of the time is not the vice what we have to control, because it is just a consequence. There is an action and a habit that precedes and unleashed the vice. You must observe what you do before producing the bad habit and analyze if you can stop doing it; without that action, there will not be vice to trigger.

Behind each cigarette there is a cup of coffee, if you are able to find another companion to that cup of coffee, stop smoking can be easier. Behind your addiction to any social network, you can find internet access; therefore, if you can´t have access to the web, consequently there will not be such addiction. So, going to a cyber to do specific tasks on the web is a nice solution.

There is an activity in which you spend too much time if you always arrive late at work. One of them might be associated clothing. Whether you spend too much time choosing what to wear or ironing the clothes, you can figure it out doing it the night before, or even before going to bed.

If you are addicted to drugs maybe your friends can be related to it, maybe they make you do it unconsciously. So, if you stay away from them that addiction will no longer exist. Those are some examples to consider. However, the idea is that if we want to overcome those situations, focusing our strength and determination should be in the right place and being conscious about it is a must.

If you can avoid the action that precedes the vice, then you will be able to stop the bad habit. Therefore, think about what precedes your vice and if possible stop doing so.


"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Carl Jung


Start, it is easier than you think!

Will is a muscle that you exercise like any muscle at the gym, you must learn to force, to resist things, to do things. This book is practical, it brings 30 exercises to overcome the vice.


Activity 1: Fragmenting vices

Behind each drugs there is the hand that takes it to the mouth, the lighter that fires it up, the money to buy it and so on. Hence, try to control all of these actions separately. if you are focusing on the money to buy drugs, try to put as many obstacles as possible to not get that money.

Activity 10: Perform physical exercises

As soon as you feel the thought that is going to trigger that emotion that leads you to do things you do not want; Then breathe deeply and count to 10, while you think why you should control yourself. Another method would be to do a physical exercise like hitting a boxing glove, jumping a rope, doing crunches, since this type of effort dissipates any desire or automatism.


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